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RT cost analysis


Purposes of model

This model allows to estimate the impact on direct costs of the introduction a new technology in radiotherapy. The model uses a micro-costing method which involves a detailed identification and measurement of all intervention inputs before quantify them into monetary units. EBIT (Earnings before Interests and Taxes) value are used as reference outputs.

How to manage the model

  • Please fulfill the "Input" worksheet of the excel file with your data Afterwards you can see results for relevant outputs, expressed on monthly basis in the Calculation sections (productivity and clinical staff)
  • Finally,for an easier interpretation of the results, data on yearly basis and “easy-to-use” support ratios can be seen in the Summary sections (profit and losses, productivity and clinical staff).


For issues related to the model you can contact dr Mariangela MASSACESI <marymass@email.it>



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