25th Advanced Multichannel Teaching course

Gemelli ART offers various training opportunities, and organizes conferences and meetings in which clinical and technology topics are discussed; especially noteworthy is the annual Residential Course, which has always attracted scholars and students from around the world, and reached in 2015 its 25th edition.


ROMEO Academy

In order to improve our clinical practice and keep up with the fast evolution of the evidence in literature, we recently launched an innovative project called ROMEO (Radiation Oncology half-campus Organization).

ROMEO is a platform for educational activities and a tool to help you search through the web of medical science. ROMEO is joined universities, IRCCS and hospitals willing to share expertise, quality planning and leadership.


Residency Program

Our Residency Program is attended by 20 specializing doctors. Over the years, Gemelli ART has hosted many visitors and students from national and international Centers, as well as many winners of ESTRO Scholarships.

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