Research at Gemelli ART has three main fields of interest: Clinical research, Data Mining, and Technology. Gemelli-ART has two laboratories dedicated to research, called KBO-Labs ("Knowledge-Based Oncology Laboratories")

The Knowledge-Based Oncology (KBO - Knowledge Based Oncology) is a new paradigm that aims to provide a decision-making model from clinical data, biological data, diagnostic imaging, treatment data, demographics data, to predict clinical outcomes and provide clinicians with a reliable decision-making tool.

KBO-Labs are a valuable support to the Knowledge Based Oncology, whose goal is to apply advanced medical knowledge to each individual patient.

The Laboratory of mining is specialized in advanced statistical and machine learning methods that allow daily analysis of the data, with particular attention to preserve the privacy of patients. These tools allow the production of clinical decision support through the daily analysis of data collected from various institutions, avoid any exchange of confidential patient data, and effectively preserving the privacy of patients.

Laboratory of Radiomics is dedicated to the study of medical images, their representation and manipulation in an environment of advanced computer technology. Radiomics is mainly engaged in the reconstruction of images, contours, analysis of the shape and texture, and the extraction of new indicators in order to feed the flow of information for data mining, such as, for instance, the realization of clinical decision support models, survival analysis, and identification of clusters with specific clinical features.

Gemelli ART is an active node in a network that supports national and international scientific research quality, as evidenced by numerous publications on highly qualified magazines. Over the last four years we have produced about 150 publications, some of which are published in the most important magazines of international medical literature.

Gemelli ART has a PhD program in Advanced Oncology with physicians, specialists and engineers already enrolled.

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